Our goals must compete for our willpower and resources.  Often one goal prevents us from achieving other goals because we don’t have the energy to do everything.  We try to do too much and then we fail at everything.  Even when several of our goals seem to align, they cause us to make assumptions that lead us to failure.

We can only do so much and change so much.  So when we set out to make change, it’s important consider how difficult a change will be, and how this change affects other areas of our lives. Continue reading

writing advice to yourself

Write advice to yourself or other people.  Review it regularly.  Edit it.  Refine it.  It worked for Marcus Aurelius and it worked for Bruce Lee.

I’ve started a list of advice or things I know.  Perhaps things I believe I know.  Some of these are lessons I’ve learned the hard way, others are lessons I’ve observed in others.

This process reminds us of what’s most important and helps us to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

I will edit and add to this over time.  Try making your own list and I think it will be worth your time.

Here is mine:


Go for a walk in the morning and decide what would make the day a successful day.

Get proximity to successful, happy, and rich people. Be cool. They will likely influence you automatically.

Look behind you. The Romans believed that the future comes from behind.

Do one thing really well. Solve one problem with one solution.

Work to reduce decision making for small tasks to reduce decision fatigue. Make decisions quickly.

Focus on the one thing most likely to get maximum results. Forget everything else.

Track your time manually so you have to see it and deal with it. Use a spreadsheet or paper.

Time however, is not our limitation.  It is mental space and attention.  Attention is what you’re managing.  There’s all kinds of time.  Attention is limited.  Track time to evaluate attention. Continue reading

Bill Hartman Physical Therapist

Over the holidays I sat down with Bill Hartman to talk about working, learning, how to create the perfect athlete, as well as how he broke into the publishing industry.

If you’re not already familiar with Bill, he is a physical therapist working out of Indianapolis. There he co-owns a gym and PT clinic. His clients include kids, professional athletes, CEOs, and average joes.

His internship program at IFAST has generated a number of world class physical therapists and trainers, many of whom now work in the NBA.

This was a fun talk and I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

Man Purse

So somehow you’ve ended up with a beard, and maybe you’ve even bought a swedish made axe.  Perhaps you’ve taken an interest in zombie survival, or you really just like multitools.

Well all that stuff has to go somewhere and if it’s not with you, well what’s the point?

Enter the man purse

I get made fun of.  My little Arcteryx backpack goes with me wherever I go.  Then someone needs something…

Oh you need a towel.  Ya I’ve got one.  Here you go.



Need your finger reattached?  Let me get my bag.

Then the man purse becomes a little bit cooler, though maybe not much. It does save a ton of hassle though.  More importantly it gives you autonomy and self reliance. Continue reading

Neville wrote a great blog post today on creating a slogan.  You should go read it here.  I wanted to expand on this a little and provide an example.

No one is better at tag-lines than politicians

A few years ago I was watching a documentary called Our brand is crisis.  This documentary provides a behind the scenes look at the very best political strategists and how they frame their message to connect with voters.

One of the things they talk about is the slogan or central message.  This is the same team that came up with the “Hope and Change” slogan that was so central to the Obama campaign.

The idea is that we take a whole bunch of complicated issues, with complicated solutions, and we condense all that into a nice simple slogan or tagline.  The purpose of that tag-line is to provide a single idea or feeling that people can focus on, so that when they think of our company, they aren’t thinking about all those complications, random facts, or potentially negative qualities.  Instead, they think of that one idea, and if we do our homework, that idea is the one thing that motivates people to accept our offer.

Then, we take that idea and we repeat it over and over again.

The idea is not to sound clever.  Clever doesn’t sell.  Our objective is focus.

So if you think about “hope and change,” you’re not thinking about:

  • Is this politician trustworthy?
  • Do they have a track record of delivering on their promises?
  • Are their views the same as mine?

Instead this idea focuses us on our problems, making us feel the pain of those problems.  Because it’s simple and vague, any problem you have fits within this frame.  This drives us to seek a solution to the discomfort we experience and erases all those other issues that might distract us.

A tag-line example

Continue reading

Anyone that’s ever heard me talk about blogging knows I hate short blog posts.  Most of what I do with clients is force them to write longer and more difficult blog posts.

There’s a problem with this though, until you’ve reached a certain level of consistency, this perfectionism only leads to failure.

Just like someone new to the gym, we want you to just show up every week.  It doesn’t matter what you do, we need you to lift something 3-4 times per week.  You have to build the habit of just showing up before you worry about optimizing what you do when you’re there.

This is blogging.

Perfectionism is the biggest barrier to success in blogging when you first start out.

Until one masters writing every day, and publishing a good portion of that writing, they can’t get off the ground. Continue reading

I’m going to start with the exception to the rule. If you are

  • a large venture backed company
  • willing to invest lots of time and effort into creating great websites with lots of ground breaking content
  • or your products are assets that will likely be sold off to third parties or go public

…then by all means you should create a new site for your product.

However, most of the bloggers out there who put out their own products should be launching those products from their blog, especially info products. Continue reading

Exponential Blogging

People ask what I do and it’s difficult to explain, but part of what I do is teach people to make better websites and get exponential growth to those websites.

A number of people come to me asking for help, often asking me to build websites for them, but it’s not the website that matters. It’s what goes in that website.

The hard work of making something truly remarkable by simply writing better articles and solving your reader’s problems is what makes a successful website. Until this happens, website design or mechanics will do nothing for you.

A close friend of mine wants to become internet famous so he can have a real impact on a great number of people…and so he can buy a lambo some day. So I’m going to document my advice for him here so that you can follow along. Continue reading


Most of our conflicts with other people have a very few root causes. The one thing that magnifies these conflicts is our minds constant desire to predict the future, at least in the short term, so that we may control that future.

Where this gets us in trouble is that we try to predict the behavior of those around us and we develop expectations for how they should behave.

These expectations are at the root of most conflicts. Continue reading

Zach Moore

We all want to be better at achieving our goals.

I sat down with Zach Moore, coach at Precision Nutrition, to talk about how he coaches clients and helps them achieve those goals.  We covered behavior change as well as his background, how he broke into the fitness industry, and what it’s like to work online from home.  Zach also has a great story about how he overcame his own struggle with nutrition.


Download the MP3 Here – Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Zach Moore

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